Some questions still remain; they follow here:

According to my sources Faidherbe and Watteau were still TEE train in the summer of 1989. When was that status dropped?
My sources say that before 1967 Edelweiss had numbers 30 and 31 while Rhein-Main had 31 and 32, but both were running to Amsterdam which would mean two TEE trains with the number 31 in the Netherlands. It is unlikely that this is correct. Can somebody inform me on the true state?
Lufthansa Airport Express
I have conflicting sources about the period that these trains were internally running as TEE, also the number change from 61-68 to 1001-1008 gives different dates. Does anybody know the exact changeover?
Catalan Talgo
The book I have states that the numbers 5070 and 5073 were used in Spain from the Summer of 1975, but I have no timetable that supports this (even not the RENFE timetable of 1978). Howver the Dutch Summer timetable of 1975 gives 5073 (but not 5070). I surmise that those numbers were used when the trains was put later in Spain because of a time difference with France, but I have no further support.
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